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Can you relate to this employee who get his payslip then (by default) check the net pay amount. Period. And does not even care to look at the deduction portion of his payslip but is regularly annoyed by the screaming withholding tax figure plus the mandatory deductions (SSS, Philhealth and Pagibig/HDMF) yet don't bother to check the computations cause you find it all complicated... Try to check this site, surely it can help you compute and understand the figures on your payslip... provides FREE online payroll computation... they also have an impressive list of features:

* Automatically compute SSS, PhilHealth and HDMF Deductions
* Automatically compute Withholding Tax based on weekly, semi-monthly, monthly or annualized modes
* Automatically deduct loan payments and monitor loan balances
* Automatically compute gross pay and net pay based on standard or customized payroll computations. If your company requires a customized computation method, please email us at
* PhilHealth, SSS, WTAX, and HDMF Calculator
* File Report Generator for PhilHealth ( Beta )
* File Report Generator for SSS ( Beta )
* File Report Generator for WTAX ( Coming Soon )
* Payroll Computation Editor ( Coming Soon )

Although companies have different policies in computing their salary adjustments, overtime and night differential(which I did not find in their online service), I think this is a fair start to understand the basic computation for the mandatory deductions. Plus you can also check the updated SSS, Philhealth and Withholding tax table on this site, which I really find helpful...

BTW, I haven't tried their dowloadable version yet since I'm quite satisfied with the online stuff so far, anyone who can go through it and try kindly lemme know...


Payroll said…
Payroll companies can handle worker related issues along with centralized and state regulatory issues as well. Payroll will also eliminate the necessity to become an expert on topics such as withholding amounts.

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