Isip-Bata: Suhol

A cousin of mine once overheard one of our niece, Ailanie, age 6, talking to her playmates. Scenario goes, Ailanie and her friend Maya was playing when another kid came along to tell Maya that her mom is calling her to go home already. Listen how Ailanie responded in this situation, makes me wonder what's running through her little brains...

Ailanie: Huwag mo pauwiin si Maya... Bayaran kita!?

I'm bursting into laughter when I heard this story... But I also felt that I was stabbed with a rusty knife in the heart realizing that in Ailanie's such age she already knew how to bribe other kids.

Poor little one I just can't imagine what the other kid answered in Ailanie's offer. Did she took the offer? Or did she insisted Maya to go home? I regret I didn't have the guts to find out...


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