Daily doze

Many attempted to change the world... promised to make this planet a better place to live in... only for them to taste disappointment and failure... Because it's impossible to change this world alone... Not the president, not the people, not the government, not the church, not the most powerful country, not even you or me... it takes every person on this planet earth to surpass daily struggles and make each day relevant...

" Hours are too short, years are too long
Days are the bite-size portion of life "

In our attempt to change our perspective towards are daily effort: like greeting the day with a smile, eating healthy breakfast, doing your homework, studying your lessons, going to school/office early, stretching your patience to a driver who cuts you, greeting the security guard in your office, smiling to your officemate you'll bump along the hallway, giving a hand to a friend in need, reading a good book, being grateful for your job, giving your best at work, being a mentor to your younger brother or sister - in this seemingly irrelevant events of our day we are actually changing the world...


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