Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S phones that are pattern locked

My 4-year old nephew locked out my Samsung Galaxy S I9300 phone after playing with the pattern security. Gees! Screen shows "too many pattern attempts" error with two options to unlock:

1. Sign in with your google account
2. Enter backup PIN

I immediately went to Samsung outlet in the Philippines to consult my problem and asked for the default PIN of Samsung Galaxy S phones. Customer support was not helpful at all, she told me that my phone will be reformatted and that I need to pay Php560.00 if my phone was purchased locally but since I purchased it in Singapore the price will be relatively higher. She also told me that after formatting the phone all my data and settings will be lost. She even could not give me the default PIN as it was restricted for them. She suggested I go to local cellphone repair to reformat my phone where charge is cheaper to Php350.00 approximate. I left the shop discouraged and decided to get assistance to StarHub where I purchased my phone.

Going back to Singapore, I tried to unlock my phone after connecting to a wifi using option #1 where I enter my gmail account and password. Hoala! I was directed to a page where I can reset my pattern security and set new backup PIN then everything is back to normal.

T'was a relief! Thanked God! I don't need to pay and reformat my phone just like what the Samsung customer support was saying.


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