More Than Just a Skirt

Last Friday, I woke up feeling feverish. To compensate with my negative aura, I decided to wear a floral mini skirt going to the office. So off I went.

As I walk to the bus stop, I realized that wearing skirt limits the way I walked. I admit I am a fast-paced walker and don't pay much attention to poise and proper ;)) This day, skirt may have limited my speed  but it thought me to exercise grace innate to every woman. Turned out to improve my frame and perspective as a female human being.

Light bulb moment!

In the same way with our convictions. Sometimes our convictions restricts us on how we behave, how we respond, how we react... There will be times that it's not the same way how the world expects us to be. But not following what the society dictates doesn't make us less of a person. Our conviction sets us apart. Our conviction makes us different.

Likewise rules, laws, commandments are not created to confine us. These are made to liberate us from making foolish decisions so we can experience life in harmony. Live life at its best.  

But the most important thing I realized that day... I should wear skirt more often (giggles)

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