2012: 50 Reasons to be Thankful!

As a sequel to my 50 Reasons to be Thankful 2012 post, I pledge to make this post a yearly habit. A simple workout to exercise gratefulness.

Here's my new list of 50 random things, event, people, places and anything under the sun to be thankful for this year.
  1. Bubble wraps!! :D and the excitement it brings everytime you pop.
  2. Farewell video and scrapbook created by Exist QA
  3. My Starbucks Christmas edition tumbler
  4. OPM songs :) still the best!
  5. Hunger Games Trilogy box set courtesy of Myk
  6. New pink Crocs skimmer courtesy of my Secret Santa
  7. Series of SG interviews comfortably done via phone
  8. TFC!!! Feels like home.
  9. Freedom to pray whenever, wherever, whatever :)
  10. New colleagues and friends in Singapore
  11. Pillows!!! the comfort it brings through the night
  12. Free flowing tissue in VISA's toilet :D
  13. Bigger cubicle and working area
  14. 2013 Giving Planner from The Coffee Bean courtesy of Jasper 
  15. Family! Who beats that? 
  16. Kopiko Brown! My morning buddy. 
  17. SMRT and its convenience. No more crowd-control pile and unloading scenario for me
  18. One year record of no-hair-combing haha #washandwear #tamad mode #curls
  19. Lesser AR visits for the past 4 months. Oh yeah!
  20. Miura hydroculture plant  courtesy of Joan frend
  21. Transition eyeglasses. Glasses and shades in one. How cool is that?
  22. All expense relocation to Singapore by my new company
  23. New found love in cooking
  24. Cardigans in all its colors. ♥ it!
  25. Exist QA family 
  26. Thursday Dgroup ladies - Mitch, Nayra, Ann, Steph, Abby, Faith, Kriselle 
  27. Hospital free for me and my family in 2012
  28. New VISA V.Me QA Team
  29. Rainy days... how it washes my soul and sadness #drama
  30. Kenshin and his vow not to use a sword again to kill people
  31. Colored pens! Office supplies in green, blue, black and red
  32. Running shoes and the habit to run weekly
  33. Almost 2 kg weight gain after Christmas season
  34. My journal and how I could write every frustration, problem, blessing and joy I bump
  35. Calluses.. Well at least my feet won't hurt anymore ;))
  36. Playtimes with my pamangkins. Precious!
  37. Sunday Dgroup ladies
  38. Lotions and hand creams
  39. Bible app for Android phones
  40. All-time-favorite recipes courtesy of Tatay. Will definitely pig out on my home visit next week
  41. Caramel frappes 
  42. Zig Ziglar's life, book, quotes and legacy
  43. Filipinos who brought pride to our country this year. Janine Tugonon, Nonito Donaire etc
  44. My allergies when drinking beer. Buy me a valid reason not to drink.
  45. CCF online streaming of Sunday services
  46. Google maps! my new travel buddy here in SG
  47. Mornings and the new hope it brings
  48. Blogging spree
  49. Doctors and nurses who pledge to work during holidays rather than celebrating with their family #christmas #new year 
  50. Birds along the SingPost building chirping everyday to greet me 'Good Morning!'
Image courtesy of Google
Want to know the trick to easily come up with your list. Do Not Overthink! Just go ahead and write down the first 50 reasons you are thankful for, trivial or big deal, it doesn't matter because everything matters.


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