Life is Good

Just when I thought I would have the most gloomy birthday in my life for two reasons...

For one, this is my first birthday when I need to report for work. I've always been spoiled in the Philippines where November 2 is declared a special holiday - All Soul's Day :D I know #itsmorefuninthephilippines. But since I am now in Singapore where November 2 is just your ordinary working day, I needed to show up in the office. Second of all, this is my first birthday away from home and family, now that's an absolute tearjerker. Please don't argue with me.

But as always God has His ways of turning my world upside down and vise versa. He overwhelmed me with greetings and messages from family, friends, relatives and colleagues who took time to greet me on my birthday. All the way through 1400 miles away, thanks to the power of telecommunications and technology. More than anytime in my life, its now that I appreciate better that I am blessed with a loving family and wonderful friends.

Another birthday present, I was able to celebrate it with my close friends here in Singapore. Friends whom I can be the real me, friends whom I can confide all my frustrations knowing they will not judge me, friends who never fail to give me advice and encouragement during the time I experienced transition anxiety and homesickness. They are such a relief.

Also I got to celebrate it with my housemates :) New friends I met, who's like a family to me now.

Finally, I had the opportunity to celebrate my birthday with my new colleagues in the new company that I'm working. I am blessed with their thoughtfulness to remember my birthday even though I am only a two month old colleague. 

Lots of celebration there I know. Which I didn't expected.

To top it all, for the first time I got two cakes on my birthday. How sweet is that? I remember growing up, our parents didn't indulge us of having cake on our birthday except on our 7th birthday and debut. As a child, I've longed to always have a birthday cake and promised myself that once I get a job I'll buy one for my birthday every year. Who's world doesn't light up when there's a cake in the table especially on their birthday. And getting not one but two birthday cake is more than a treat to my child-like delight. Best birthday ever! #justlikeakid 

Life is good. Let's celebrate it. #grateful  #choosetobehappy


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