Weird and Wonderful

This morning on my way to work, I noticed some weird girl inside the MRT. After scratching her hair like there's no tomorrow, she took her right earpiece, bite it for like 4-5 secs then bring it back to her ear. Like who does that? So many "like" do you like it?

As I observe her closely, she doesn't care enough. In her world no one is bothered.What an innocent and still spirit. Then something dawned on me... in one way or another we are just like this weird girl. We acted strangely. We did peculiar things. But the question is do we have the same attitude like her.

Weird is not just an expression. It's more than an action.
It's a person. I am weird. You are weird.
Everybody is weird - in our own terms and conditions.

Weird is relative. What's odd for me may never have any scent of quirkiness for you. Vise versa. 
"You laugh at me because I am different. I laugh at you because you are all the same." 
Weird is unique. In the same way, God did not created two similar human beings. Even identical twins have different personality and temperament.

Weird could be fashionable. Often, that's where the trend gets inspiration for its latest chic and fad.

Weird is not an outcast. It's a connection that binds people who share the same queerness.

Weird should not be subjective - to people, race, culture, color or a person's identity or accomplishment.

Weird is special. Just like you and me. 


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