Thank you Exist!

I am amazed how the Big Guy brings people together as colleagues, as friends and as family. Exist is no different. Here I met some of the smartest and coolest people I've ever knew.

More than a workplace, this is a second home for me.

Oh yes, we develop. we test. we deliver. On top of these, we enjoy. we party. we care. we value people.

I've always believed in the talent and skill that Exist have. I could vouch for the Quality Assurance team. We have competent and expert Quality Assurance engineers in the team. No doubt. But more than the skills, we have great people who also became our close friends. The statement 'We have the best QA team' is underrated. Truth is 'We have the best QA family ever!'

A mixture of unique and talented QA rockstars who delivers. Who knows how to have fun at the same time. Who cares for each other. Who loves food. Big time!

This definitely is one fateful reason for staying in the team for more than five years. No regrets. More than the software testing competencies that I gained, but for the lasting relationship that we built along the years. The memories we painted in each ones lives. The technology stuff we had fun learning as a team. The secrets we shared and choose to keep. The friendships blossomed and shaped by time. The pick-up lines we throw and jokes we buy. The simple yet scrumptious food because its shared to everyone. The travel places we've conquered. The laughter we shared together.


As I leave I don't want to be remembered as a software tester who did this and did that. Simply someone who became a good friend is enough for me. A person who laughed with you... who inspired you in my own little way... who listened...  For more than position and expertise, relationships stays and lasts longer.


Relationship my friend. It's the real deal.
"Don't cry because its over. Smile because it happened." - Dr. Seuss
I will definitely miss the brunchers... our travel escapades... our lunch/dinner out... the 'kaladkarin' barkada... playing darts after brunch... our meryenda chickahan... withdrawing from RCBC in group... buying food from Manong... the random topics we chat in our cubicles... the 'laglagan' topic... the Janice-Paul and Kat-James loveteam... our hair day time together Joan frend... the 'hot seat' moment of new hires with idol Vin... the directive #1 - first blood treat of new hires... the birthday treats... buying and using deal vouchers every now and then... the 'CR' chickahan... the 'adobong patatas' of Erlyn... riding the elevator together...

I will miss everything about Exist.

Exist. QA team. You guys will always be in my mind. Forever in my heart.


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