Rainy Days and Sundays

When it rains, it pours! Just like the shape of the weather last Sunday, I could feel that the Big Guy is pouring His encouragement, blessings and miracles to me. I couldn't thank Him enough! Simply because I don't know where to start. In one day alone, I muster 7 things to be grateful. Just like the rain that waters the plants to grow. It feeds my inner me.

1. Sooo thankful I made it on time(which means 7 minutes before 8am) to our Large group activity in CCF's Sunday school although [1] I woke up late(which means 6:50am)  and [2] the roads are wet and there's so much traffic due to weather. Unfortunately few blocks away from home I realize I left my mobile phone but because I'm running late already, I didn't made an effort to go back, what's on top of my mind that time is to be able to reach CCF before the service starts. 

2. I am inspired with our lesson in Sunday school. Big time! I knew it's meant for the preschool kids but hey I realize that it also works for adults who are young at heart. Its as if I traveled through the time warp back when I was a 6 year-old little girl who loves bible stories. In our lesson, children heard the story of how God led Moses and the Israelites out of Egypt, how they were able to flee from the bad Pharaoh and miraculously crossed the Red Sea. At the end of the large group session, children learned that God can do anything. For He is all-powerful. He is indeed.

From the motion picture "Prince of Egypt"
My favorite part in the movie, when the Israelites led by Moses crossed the Red Sea holding fire torches with large whale on the background. Goosebumps.

3. The preschool kids!!! Oh how cute and sweet these little angels. You could always turn to then when you need a hug, and they would hug you with all their hearts. I never get disappointed, everytime I tell them, 'Hey, Teacher needs a hug.' Watch out cause they'll come running. All out! Little hands but big heart. I had fun dancing with them with our praise and worship song "Wherever You Go." I enjoyed watching them move their tiny hands and feet to imitate the action. To give you an idea how cool the lyrics and the action of this song, here's a video from "Kids Church." 

Kids are indeed one of the most practical and effective antioxidants. They make you feel young again.

4. I am super blessed to be surrounded by people with a soft heart for others and a big heart for God. I praise Him for the opportunity to serve in NextGen(CCF's Sunday school) with Carmen and Aia. I am overwhelmed with Aia's welcoming spirit and Carmen's patience with me ;)) although I have no experience handling preschool, she encouraged me with her tremendous energy and loving heart for the kids. My gratitude overflows with their sincere send-off prayer for me. I really felt that.

5. Pastor's Bong Saquing's preaching entitled "Be Courageous, God is with You." Wow Lord, everything fits perfectly today, from our Sunday school lesson, to our praise and worship song and now with the preaching. How can I ignore your message for me today. How can I not hear you telling me, "Girlie, God can do anything. Be courageous for He will be with you, wherever you go! Trust Him on this one!" Just like what He promised. Thank you for encouraging me consistently. Thank you for being true to Your promises.
Isaiah answered, “This is the Lord’s sign to you that the Lord will do what he has promised" --2 Kings 20:9
6. As I mentioned earlier, I left my mobile phone at home. Friday when I texted my beautiful friend Kat if we could meet at CCF after my Large group activity and attend service together at 2:30pm. It could have been easier and simpler if I had my phone to confirm our meetup. But in a big place like CCF with more or less 2000 people attending each of the 5 services, Geee! It would only be by Your grace if we would see each other. Grace it is! He placed Kat at the right place where I would pass, at the right time I went down the stairs to head home. Hoala! I saw her beaming with smile, all out to me as I approach her and told her about my phone. :) Isn't God good? Of course not! He is the best! 

7. Just like a sweet treat, Kat and I had dinner at Hainanese Delights, Mega Mall and did what all girls love to do - window shopping. I like! 


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