Habagat Ravages Manila

Metropolis has been pounded by the non-stop rain and wind for the past few days. A glimpse from one of the darkest moment we wish to forget. Class suspended across all levels, traffic jams, stranded commuters, flood all over the streets, millions of property damaged, thousands of families in evacuation centers, children getting sick and worst of all precious lives taken. Heart breaking.

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When will the rain grew tired of wrecking havoc to our country? Who should be blamed? Where does it lead us?

Tumana area in Marikina
If there's one good thing this national crisis did to us. It bonds us together as one nation working collectively to get back up from this defiant tragedy. Rich or poor, celebrity or ordinary people, military or civilian. Establishments and individuals donate and share for the affected families. Government and the military go beyond rescuing but are willing to risk their lives to save others. Adults, youth and kids volunteer to pack and distribute relief goods. Private offices extends assistance to their employees. Neighbors open their doors to residents whose houses are submerged by the flood.

Generosity is pouring in. Heroes are unleash within each Filipino.

Hand in hand, we can certainly do it. Again.

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Be alert and stay safe friends.


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