Thank you again Exist-QA!

Once again you overwhelmed me with inspiring and encouraging words which is more than I deserve.
I am super blessed to have an accommodating, friendly and loving team just like our QA family.

I couldn't ask for a better group of people.

Thank you Joseph for being a good friend, driver (pede ding slave driver lol) and mentor to me.
Thank you Joan friend for sharing your 'baon' to me, being my BFF, hair-mate, for the effort to make the scrapbook(love it) and for that special poem you made. (Appreciate that)
Thank you Erlyn for your motherly advice not only for me but for the team.
Thank you Chriz for your support during the transition and for that contagious 'giggles' that only you can make.
Thank you Junn for being one of my MRT-mates, for that 'stern' photo-signature I would never forget.
Thank you Yani for being one of the 'kaladkarin' barkada and extending the invites to Alex and for being my MRT-mate as well.
Thank you Rv for sharing your emotions and frustrations to me, for the 'on-time' video, for inviting us to your debut :) i meant family occasion,it's a great privilege to know the other side of you.
Thank you Ram for the candid shots, "di-nagpapahuling mga hirit", "bibo-kid" moments and for being a good welcoming committee.
Thank you Paul for that effortless "Mr. Pogi" look which sweeps Janice off her feet.
Thank you Kat for your bubbly and 'wholesome' mood that drives the team crazy especially 'idol' Vin and James
Thank you Celine for spending time with us and for sharing with us your growly voice. Rock on!
Thank you Derick for that contagious smile and laugh and all the movie-stuff you gladly share to me.
Thank you Myk for being our driver next to Seph, for being one of the 'lakadkarin' barkada, for making my transition and exit as graceful as possible and for all the kindness you've shown to me.
Thank you Vin for your humor and "swak-na-banat, makasagot lang" moments.
Thank you Janice for your sweetness, your all-out smile and our 'coffee-time' together.
Thank you Ann for your simplicity, for sharing your self to us and for the 'dart' moments we've shared.
Thank you James for your openness, for sharing your 'baon' to us, for our food-trips together and for the #first-time experiences like laser tag and archery I got to spend with you.
Thank you QA- Cebu for extending your appreciation to me and for your heartfelt messages.

Thank you QA for all the laughters and memories we've written in the canvass of life. What a masterpiece.

Whoa! We're 17 QAs na pala in the team, compared to the previous less than 10 QA members back in 2010. Made me more confident and at peace to leave because I know I am leaving a reinforced and stable QA who are individually capable and solid as a team.

Now I understand better... Why God let me spend my 5 years here in Exist... Because He wanted me to meet and spend some time with wonderful people like you all. I will be infinitely grateful for this opportunity God gave me.


James said…

See you there when we visit.


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