Zambales: Nagsasa Cove

2012 Summer is official!!! We kick it off with our Zambales adventure. From Manila we took Victory liner express bus going to Olonggapo(via SCTEX) for 3 hours. From Olonggapo, we took Olonggapo-San Marcelino jeep and asked the driver to take us to San Antonio market stop-over then to Pundaquit, where we found boats for rent.

We left Pundaquit at 8:20am and after more than an hour of sailing, seeing the shores of Nagsasa cove took away all my tiredness and travel fatigue :) A breath of fresh air!

With the scenic mountain ranges around the cove, lush pine trees, soft and warm sand, scent of salt water in the air and perfect weather! It's like a piece of heaven here on earth ;) Reminds me how majestic our Creator is.


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