Movie: 3 Idiots

One of the best movie I've ever seen! A story of friendship, family, striving for excellence, love and dreams. A fusion of drama, adventure, romance, music and comedy.

'Genius' Rancho, Farhan and Raju made me laugh, cry and dance... brought me back to my college days... reminded me of my family and true friends but most importantly made me realize 3 things: be optimistic, pursue excellence and follow your dreams!

3 Idiots in 3 words - Inspiring! Entertaining! Brilliance!

Here are some of the lines from the movie for keeps:

Rancho: Pursue excellence, and success will follow, pants down. 
Farhan Qureshi: Most of us went to college just for a degree. No degree meant no plum job, no pretty wife, no credit card, no social status. But none of this mattered to him, he was in college for the joy of learning, he never cared if he was first or last. 
Raju: Sir, I have learnt to stand up on my feet after having broken both my legs. This attitude has come with great difficulty. No sir, I can't. You may keep your job, and let me keep my attitude.
Farhan: We learnt something about human behaviour that day, It feels bad when a friend fails, but it feels even worse when he comes first.
Rancho: That day I understood that this heart scares easily. You have to trick it, however big the problem is. Tell your heart, 'Pal, all is well. All is well.'
Raju: Does that solve the problem?
Rancho: No, but you gain courage to face it.
Rancho: (to Professor Virus) I wasn't teaching you engineering, that you know better than me. I was teaching you how to teach.
Rancho: Make your passion your profession, and work will become a game


Bince said…
Awesome movie! Seems like this is making the rounds even though it's an Indian (hindi) movie. Anyone that has continued with higher levels of education can relate. It's important to be curious about what you are learning and not to follow blindly. Aamir Khan is super talented. Having read through some of your posts I can highly recommend you to watch "Taare Zameen Par". Don't read the summary. I'm sure you will enjoy it and I predict your eyes will be watering. Take care and hope you are enjoying your new adventures in SG. Bin Bin
GiRLie said…
Thanks Bince! I would definitely check that out :)

I am enjoying my stay so far ;))

Have a great day!

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