Zambales: Budget Trip

Our Zambales getaway is a certified budget trip ;) We've decided to do it our way by commuting and not going for the tour packages, which we're glad we did because of the great surprises and adventure we had.

Here's our actual expenses for our 2 days, 1 night trip to Zambales:

Description Cost/head
Victory Liner Express via SCTEX
Olonggapo-Pundaquit PUJ rent 65.00
Boat rent (4000/big boat) 500.00
Nagsasa Island entrance Fee 100.00
Pundaquit-Olonggapo PUJ rent 100.00
Victory Liner Express via SCTEX
Sub Total >>> 1235.00

Groceries (1700) 212.50
Market food (1000) 125.00
Drinking Water - 2 galloons (50/gal) 12.50
Island fees - bonfire, coal etc (400) 50.00

Grand Total >>> 1635.00


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