Life in MRT: Cream puffs or perfume?!

Some weird thing happened to me this morning @MRT.

As usual there's no room for space in our train, then there's this guy standing in front of me... As the train moves, I smelled freshly baked puffed shell filled with lots of sweet cream (can be custard!)... hmmmm so tempting... reminds me of Astoria's cream puffs, my first time to eat such.

During the ride I got curious where the smell is coming from, and as I lean closer to the guy, the smell is there again... this time I'm no longer sure if its really hot cream puffs or the guy's perfume (in cream puffs scent)... lolz. Makes me wanna eat him...

Did several attempts to find out... Reaching Ortigas station, I was still clueless about the tempting smell but one thing is for sure: I wanna eat cream puffs today! cravings! cravings!


gray-shell said…
"Makes me wanna eat him..."

grabe girl, kelan ka pa naging canibal??
GiRLie said…
kainin kita eh! lols :))

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