Finishing Strong!

It was October 20, 1968 during the Olympics held at Mexico...

Closing ceremonies has just completed and people were about to leave the stadium, when the commentator announced that a final marathoner is on his way to the finish line. It was John Stephen Akhwari from Tanzania, moving slowly towards the goal amidst his injuries. At first audience must be a bit confused, but as they saw how this man struggle his way to the end, the crowd responded with cheer and encouragement. After the course, journalist asked Akhawi the same question we might have asked him,

"Why, after sustaining the kinds of injuries you did, would you ever get up and proceed to the finish line, when there was no way you could possibly place in the race?"
I like how this man answered back,

"My country did not send me over 11,000 kilometres to start a race. They sent me over 11,000 kilometres to finish one."

He might not be declared the champion in this game, but Akhwari taught us how to win in the most important game of all - LIFE.

He reminds me that "Life is not a sprint, it's a marathon." And only those who finish strong until the end are the real winners. Thanks Akhwari!


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