Kid's stuff

While my 3 year old niece fervently look at my mom's group picture after a Muslim dance presentation in their organization, my mom ask her:

Nanay: Nasaan si nanay dyan beh?
Aizel: Etoh po... (pointing to nanay's direction) Nay mga kumare mo? (pointing to others)

I chuckle as I try to imagine where did she pick up the word "kumare"


While hanging out with Aizel I tried to make a video of her. And so I focused my mobile phone to her. Aizel figured I was talking a picture of her tried to post and smile:

Girlie: Magsalita ka beh, video to...
Aizel: (cant find words to say)
Girlie: Kanta ka na lang! (After saying this I got curious what's the first song that will pop up in her mind)
Aizel: (after some pause started to sing)
ol da single lit, ol da single lit... woh oh oh, woh oh oh, woh oh oh oh... put yor hand sap, put yor hand sap

If you still don't get it, she's singing "Single Ladies" by Beyonce... lol...
i cant believe that's the first song that she was able to think of...


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