Wide Awake experience

I was so blessed to be part of this month's Wide Awake in our church...

I must admit I was impressed by their advertisement which they played during our Sunday gatherings, very effective I would say... with "One Step at a Time" by Jordin Sparks in the background, one of my favorites... Plus the chance to bond with my girlfriends in the ministry and Christian faith... I made time to attend.

Little did I know that more than my shallow motives, God had a deeper plan for me... From the praise and worship which started 10pm until the end of prayer of the 1st batch at 1am, I could sense God dealt with me...

First, we sung "Still Standing" by Hillsong, which I've been listening days before the Wide Awake, I was so taken by the song... and even posted it in my FB shout out only to find out that Kat, a friend of mine also did exactly the same lyrics in her FB as well, then we heard and sung it in the Wide Awake... what a special way to remind us indeed that,

If not for Your goodness, If not for Your grace,
I don't know where I would be today...

Then came the message of the young pastor... very very simple yet compelling. First he pointed out that as "Inhale, Exhale" creation of God, we breathe in life, just as what is written in John 10:10:

"...I came that they may have life and have it abundantly" (English Standard Version)

In simple terms, we take in blessings from God, we live, we learn His word and we experience Him. But life doesn't end there, in order to carry out the cycle, we as children of God need to give life, we share the Word, do good works to others, encourage friends, help people and even a simple smile I think is an expression of breathing out the love of God.

Finally he challenges us that as we come into our prayer time, may we seek first the face of God and humbly come before his throne before we wonder in all our burdens and list of prayers items, which in the first place are already known to Him. Otherwise this wide awake event will be just like the other ordinary prayer gatherings. The bottom line, to search, connect and find God in our midst, more than anything else.


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