CebuPacific Refund at Last!

Yoohoo! Finally after 10 months, 9 days or 313 days to be exact from the day I applied for the refund of my round trip ticket to Singapore.... Drum roll please!!! Yesterday, it's finally credited back to me... whewww!!!

From : Friday, October 10, 2008
To : Wednesday, August 19, 2009
Almost a year of waiting!

It had been literally and painfully HARD WORK for me to endlessly call and follow up the very accessible Cebu Pacific hotline and talk to their accommodating agents who can't give me a date when my refund will be released. Calling their hotlines is like waiting for an alien to answer the phone... Talking to their agents is the end of the world... they cannot even give you specifics regarding your request. All they'll tell you is the papers are already in their accounting and they have no idea when it will be released. Come on! You could do better than that, remember your service does not only include the buying of tickets(where you guys do good at since you get profit from it) and the boarding and flying in your aircrafts. Does REFUND don't ring a bell? Or you are playing blind and deft with this issues.

Well after this wish of mine was long granted, I learned one thing! Ticket refund with CebuPac is not an option, if you really need to cancel your flight better rebook it or else you'll be doomed to wait for a lifetime...


GiRLie said…
Thanks to Randy by the way for his cc..

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