R. Ma Mon Luk Restaurant

I've heard this chinese restaurant(Ma Mon Luk) from my nanay, honestly I'm not a fan of mami and siopao, but her stories that this was once one of the famous restaurant in our country during 1950's made me curious. I was excited to have my first experience in Ma Mon Luk resto. Big time!

My waiting finally ends yesterday, August 5, while the ominous sky continue to saturate our region by its brisk rain showers, my nanay and I visited the legendary R. Ma Mon Luk Restaurant located along Quezon Avenue, near Banawe Street. We were told that "R" stands for Ramon, one of the heirs of the man who started it all.

As I enter the old restaurant, I felt I was in one of the restaurant scenes of FPJ's movie... old marmol tables, wooden chairs, no aircon, big ceiling fans, old wooden frames, antique life-size painting of the Ma Mon Luk(I guess!) and old waiters... We learned that they were the house of original mami since 1920(whoa, sounds ancient to me). So we ordered their house specialty Original Mami (large bowl) and their regular Siopao Asado, which at first I thought would not suffice my appetite. But as I indulge into the hot mami soup and ate half of the siopao, I felt so full and could not finish my meal. The soup of the mami, tasted ordinary but wait 'til you eat the pork and chicken toppings which is very tender and flavorful.

R. Ma Mon Luk Restaurant Menu and Latest Prices

Special Mami - Php 95
Regular Mami - Php 85
Beef Mami - Php 100
Special Siopao - Php 55
Regular Siopao - Php 40
San Yuk Pao - Php 55
Siomai (2pcs) - Php 40

Very sad to know that today, there are only 2 remaining branches of Ma Mon Luk, Quezon Avenue and Quezon Boulevard in Quiapo. Well I was fortunate to try dining in this iconic restaurant which serves not just good food by also its history.

R. Ma Mon Luk Restaurant
545 Quezon Blvd., Quiapo Manila
Contact Number: 02-7337596

R. Ma Mon Luk Restaurant
408 Quezon Ave., Quezon City
Contact Number: 02-7123560


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