Subic Roadtrip 09: Ocean Adventure

Date: June 12, 2009
Location: Camayan Wharf, West Ilanin Forest Area, Subic Bay Freeport Zone.
Attraction: Ocean Adventure

We left Zoobic Safari at 1:10pm and took a 5-10 minute drive to Ocean Adventure. By this time all we wanted to do is to eat, eat and eat... Ooopps did I mentioned eat? After paying the entrance fee which is P450.00 for adult, we found a descent place to guess what? E-A-T! - Ilanin Bay Cafe located overlooking the Subic Bay.

Upon entrance we were given the Park Schedule that serve as our guide:

09:45 am -> Meet the Mascots
10:30 am -> Sea Lion Marine Patrol Show
11:00 am -> Sea Lion Photo Encounter
11:45 am -> Meet the Mascots
12:30 pm -> Dolphin Friends Show
01:15 pm -> Dolphin Photo Encounter
01:45 pm -> Sharks and Fish Feeding
02:30 pm -> Sea Lion Marine Patrol Show
02:45 pm -> Sea Lion Photo Encounter
03:15 pm -> Sea Lion Painting Presentation
03:45 pm -> Meet the Mascots
04:15 pm -> Dolphin Friends Show
04:45 pm -> Dolphin Photo Encounter
05:15 pm -> Sea Lion Marine Patrol Show

Again we were lucky to catch the 2:30pm Sea Lion Marine Patrol Show for the afternoon slot. More than the entertainment, the 30-minute show educate us on how we humans could help preserve the marine life and all its species.

I know we already heard it over and over again, Reduce! Recycle! and Reuse! but to learn it directly from Madison and Brandy, who are by the way friendly and smart sea lions, man! that made the difference...

Can't imagine how patient and disciplined the trainers are in teaching them tricks. I also noticed that the sea lions are so focused on their trainers that they cannot be fooled by the audience. Hmmmm pretty smart there huh!

We also enjoyed their "Aquarium" where I was able to see a cute sea horse, first time in my 27 years of existence plus all the other extraordinary ocean creatures which are all amazing. Imagine all those beautiful species... You'll realize we are blessed with rich marine life here in the Philippines...

Of course, you'll find a Pasalubong store inside the Ocean Adventure.

Finally, at 4:15pm we were able to watched the Dolphin Friends Show which sealed our Ocean Adventure trip. It was an amazing stunt, the dolphins are so cute, playful and adorable...

But the sad part of the story is: their species are now endangered, and just like the message of these dolphins, which really struck me, that in behalf of all the whales, dolphins and sea creatures out there, "They need our help... they are counting on us!" The way we take care of our seas and ocean greatly affects their existence. Let's take this leap and be a friend of the ocean!


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