Subic RoadTrip 09: Zoobic Safari

Date: June 12, 2009
Location: Group I Ilanin Forest, Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Attraction: Zoobic Safari

Along the Corregidor Highway right after Subic Bay International Airport, you'd find group of monkeys in the road as if welcoming their guests.

We reached Zoobic at 10:30am, and were lucky to be part of the first batch of the guided tour. We paid P449.00 inclusive of the Zoo's 10 main attraction and the tour guide fee.

Guests assembled in the Zoobic lobby where we are welcomed with aeta and animal show.

The Zoobic show started with Aeta's demonstration of their different cultural dance, like dragonfly and monkey dance. Followed by the animal show and close encounter with their animals, where volunteers from the audience had the chance to hold the iguana and the python.

By 11:20, we started to divide in small groups and with Chriz as our tour guide we kickoff the ramble =)

Whow! Giant ostrich eggs... Sold at P500.00 each only for the shell while P2500.00 for the actual ostrich egg.

Right after our trek to Zoobic Park.

We hitch on this air-cool Safari train ride paying P50.00 per pax to explore the remaining attraction inside the 25-hectare land zoo.

Let the excitement begin, this time we are on the cage, while the tigers wander around... Makes me wonder what's running on the tiger's mind... haha

Close encounter with the Zoobic tigers inside their habitat. We bought chicken for P100.00/each as bait to lure tiger closer to our jeep.

Now meet the 200 crocodiles, who are at the moment in siesta and conserving their energies.

Also there are ZOOvenirs shop where you can buy animal stuff toys for pasalubong.

That ends our 2 and a half hour of fun adventure at Zoobic Safari. To wrap it up below are the attractions that we were able to visit:
Rodent World - Mice Surprise
Zoobic Park
Animal Museum
Savannah (Sanctuary of the Wild)
Tiger Safari Ride
Close encounter with Tigers
Croco Loco
ZOOvenir shops

To document our Zoobic Safari adventure, here's our friendly digital camera in action...


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