Singapore: Revealing Jesus

Last year I stumble upon this video of Revealing Jesus concert by Darlene Zschech in her collaboration with other great Christian artists - Israel Houghton, Michael W Smith and Kari Jobe. It was a piece of heaven for me and my "comfort music" when I need encouragement. It's more than one hour video but believe me it's gonna be worth your time as it can change your heart and who knows this can also alter your eternal destination if this is your first time watching a Christian concert.

To watch it on Youtube is already overwhelming but to hear and experience it live at The Star Vista, Tuesday last week is beyond measure with all the people having one heart worshiping the name above all names – Jesus Christ. There's something powerful in all the songs and the testimonies of the artists leading the people to praise and worship. 

The Lord is definitely on the move as His people declare His name, celebrate what He has done in our lives and reveal more of JESUS. I am amazed how God moves in the life of  Darlene Zschech in her battle with the Big C (breast cancer). With Jesus beside her from the moment cancer was diagnosed to her first radiation session, up until she was declared cancer-free. Jesus heals! God's goodness never fail and His faithfulness is evident, overflowing with grace and abounding in promises. Her testimony encourage me to realign my focus to Jesus, for He alone is victorious. I was reminded that no matter what our circumstance is, God will be and is always in full control of everything and He is in the center of it all.   

Bob Fitts and his supportive wife.

Darlene Zschech leading Hands to Heavens(by Kari Jobe)

Darlene Zschech

Darlene reading a passage from the Bible

Worship is not about us having good feeling that we are closer to Jesus.
Worship is above raising our hands, the dancing and singing our hearts out.
Worship is more than just an event of Christians gathering together.
Worship is beyond the artists, the band and the line up of songs. 
Worship is a lifestyle of every believer living humbly, loving others to bring glory to the God we profess. 

I am infinitely grateful for the opportunity to worship God not only in Revealing Jesus concert but for every single moment of my life to every person He will bring in my path. Only by His grace.

Groupie during break (left to right) Graciel, me, Belle and Jovy


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