How Was Your Weekend?

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Do you really want to know? As I am having a hard time deciphering if this how-was-your-weekend-typical-monday-question is a sincere-I-want-to-hear-about-you or it's just a how-to-make-a-small-talk-kinda-question-to-fill-the-dead-air nothing more, or maybe it's I'm-asking-so-I-can-tell-you-how-awesome-my-weekend-was. Sorry but the last item was pathetic. Nevertheless, if you are genuinely interested I am afraid I might bore you with details.

Weekends will always have a special chunk in my heart, they have been consistently a candidate on the list of my yearly post of "50 Reasons to be Thankful" which I started way back in 2011. My kind of weekend starts on Friday, they're my weekly doze of dopamines, Yey!

Every Saturday always gets better, I can cuddle with my bed all day but for some reason my mind gets excited and I woke up earlier than usual. I have the entire morning prepping for breakfast, scrambled eggs and toasted bread are my staple, alternatively I can have fried rice, hotdogs or luncheon meat. Of course, I look forward to sipping my coffee without the element of rush in the morning. After pampering my tummy, time for some household chores which I dread but who else do I turn to? Cleaning the room, laundry in batches, folding the clothes and if I am feeling obsessive compulsive with cleanliness include changing the bed sheets and/or curtain. Which makes me realize where is the glamour of being a bachelorette? Thankfully I seem to manage the Sat-Chores-Day as I have been perfecting this craft for the past 3 years leaving here in Singapore. No time to grumble now as I have to hit the gym at 12pm for a Bodystep class, this is a steps workout using height-adjustable platform and simple movements on, over and around it accompanied by music tracks to make it enjoyable. When I get bored I shift classes to Hot Yoga at 1pm. Some of the few things I can thank myself after and my guilty-pleasure-passes to voraciously pigging out after workout ha!

Then comes Sunday, my favourite day of the week as I get to attend service at CCF, minus the discomfort that I need to wake up early in the morning and travel all the way to the city. Excuse me, what am I really complaining about, this is not even close to what Jesus had sacrificed for me when He died in the cross 2000 years ago for my sins, I couldn't be more blessed. During Sunday service I get to listen to inspiring messages from the Pastor, worship Jesus with other believers in Christ through songs, realign my focus as I get distracted easily, see my favourite people (a small group of beautiful, vibrant ladies who loves the Lord), explore new restaurants for lunch, grab a coffee and meet together to study God's Word. What could be better than that? After our small group discussion, central business district(CBD) becomes our playground in case some ladies feel like shopping and checking out on something.

As fast as that, I am saying goodbye to the weekends I eagerly waited. Maybe, there are things in life that you cannot have enough, they are meant to stay only for a little while, otherwise they will no longer be as appealing to you.

While others believe you cannot please everybody, well yeah, unless you are Weekend. :)


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