Nephews and Nieces is Heart

Nephews and nieces are the cutest! They are treats you'll never get tired of eating. While they may exasperate you at least physically, as these mini creatures are like ball of fires with all the energy exploding in all directions, you'll still love to have them around.

They light up every family occasion or even the ordinary days with their laughter and joyful spirit. Their candidness and forgiving hearts are impeccable. Their fascination to even the simplest form of life is something I envy.  

They are the sweetest people on earth who indulge in hugging you without hesitations. I am convinced it's one of their super powers (wink)

I am blessed to have four charming niblings (collective term for nephews and nieces, which I only get to know while working on this post) - smart Godwin(11 yo) and funny Genesis(10), sweet Raizelle(9) and active Ramiah(7). T'was a feast travelling, exploring and pigging out with these four adorable little ones.

Our favorite welcome spot in Changi Airport Terminal 2. Stuffy Gorillas!
They love Sesame Street characters, can we take them home please?
Bababa Babanana
Who looks more convincing?

Tug of cuteness!
No we don't like pink!
The four charming angels heaven sent to us.
Miss you already guys, love you to infinity and beyond! Please don't grow up so fast.


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