An Unwelcome Guest

Life is good.

You are independent, you have a career, a decent set of friends in and outside the office. You go out for lunch or dinner with them occasionally. You hit the gym regularly and joined a fitness program. You prepare your food and you enjoy doing it. Everything seems fine and you keep on adding on chores, errands and activities in your to-do-list to keep you occupied and have that sense of fulfillment.

Until one unwelcome guest came to visit you one day. He is demanding and he came to take away everything in your plate -  your weekend plans, your workout routine, your dietary regimen, your working hours, your sleeping habits and the list could grow more. Yes, you could try to push him around but you are too weak and helpless, he was able to pin you down. He is definitely winning the game and you realize you are no longer in control. His name is Sickness, and he came with company Depression and Self-Pity.

Truth is, everything will be set aside in favor of your health and wellness. But oftentimes we only realize this when we are already in the middle of illness.

Few days ago, I caught myself in this similar drastic event. I can imagine my life transitioning from a fast-paced production to a slow-motion picture.

Lonely was an understatement. It was depressing in all forms. You are alone, you are weak, you have no appetite, you are in pain and you ought not to let your family know about it thinking that it might only cause unnecessary worry especially from your folks.

But these few days of slow-motion surprisingly became a breath of fresh air for me, as I learn to be quiet not thinking of any chore or activity to accomplish. It reminded me of the essentials of life(like health and family), my priorities and what really matters. It started a new routine of going to bed early and have a complete hours of sleep.

This sickness thought me a few lessons I needed to remember... To become hopeful as I look forward to tomorrow when my body will be fully recovered. To be grateful for the new day and realize that the pain already expired. To be patient with myself as I take things slower than usual. To be prayerful and genuinely mean the words "Thank you Lord for healing"

Now I can imagine, that this temporary sickness has snatched me away from a bustling streets of the city lights to an unhurried, serene landscapes of the country side.

So yeah life is good.


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