Ten Things I am Thankful for my Birthday

Birthdays are one of the happiest time of your life. What made it more exuberant is that you get to celebrate it every year, whether you like it or not :) And in a world where everybody expects you to get married and you pass the age of 20's, the most logical choice is the latter.

Fortunately, I am blessed with a loving family and a support group of Godly ladies who never pressure me to settle down unless it's God's best plan for me. I am also thankful to God for His consistent reminder that I can focus on the greater things ahead of me and  not dwell on what is not there yet. To learn to surrender and trust Him with the life He entrusted me. I can only brag that this 2014 birthday is an expression of His love and grace in my 30ish of existence. He continuously amazes me with good things wrap in small packages like the following:

1. The joy of finding myself back to writing again after days of lifeless pursuit to inspiration and ideas.

2. My close to hyperactive, 5yo nephew, Ramiah and very lady-like, 9yo niece Aizel who came to visit me this month. Their energy and excitement is contagious.

Me, Ramiah, Raizel and Glaiza with Ernie of Sesame Street at Universal Studios Singapore.
3. My dead toenail or "patay na kuko" as we call it in the Philippines, Americans call it "runner's toe" has finally came back to life after almost 12 months of waiting in vain. Finally, I can now wear slippers when going out without feeling conscious of my toes.

4. Tiring but delightful week with my sister and her kids. Though it's already my nth time in Universal Studios Singapore, this experience is exceptional because I get to see it with family especially with the kids who cannot hide the excitement in their faces with every ride we try.

5. Day Light Saving Time is back on November!!! One of the best birthday gift I had :) No need to wake up at 7:15am to attend the scrum call, which means one more hour of sleep for me.

6. Cake, gift and birthday wishes I received from friends and family who took time to greet me.

7. Time to reflect and be grateful as I wrap up this blog post.

8.  Opportunity to practice silence and solitude in Changi Terminal 3 viewing deck. Sometimes not doing something could be the most productive thing you can do.

9. Excitement to read a book again since I can't remember. Starting with "God's Not Dead" by Rice Brooks, hopefully this would be the reconciliation to my bookworm chapter this year.

10. Good health, financial blessings and a grateful heart.

I can never thanked Him enough together with the people who made my birthday extra special this year. God bless you all!


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