Nanay's 60th Birthday

A woman who doesn't ask for anything deserves everything!
It's not difficult to string words and express how blessed we are for having you as our mom maybe because it is impossible. No description can fit into word. No word can describe the emotion.

To write one humble post of appreciation to the most gentle person I've ever known is never enough, but allow me to give it a shot as I try to search through my deepest core, recollect all the words I could use and travel back to my childhood growing up to express how grateful I am to be your daughter, from then until now.

Thank you Nanay for being strong enough to say "NO" when you knew it wouldn't be beneficial for us. I remember growing up with limited resources and raising four kids was not the best combination. A relative once encouraged you to try your luck abroad so you could provide better life for the family. This looks like a noble cause in fact as a child I even thought it was best for us witnessing how this opportunity gave our relatives advantage in terms of material gain. But you said 'No' and chose to stay with us, work on a nearby garment shop so you can still look after us then eventually work at home by means of tailoring so you can even more take care of us. Fast forward several years, I'm glad you made that decision to stay, I couldn't imagine growing up without a mom whom I can always run to. Material things will never suffice the love and guidance we had by having you around.

Thank you Nanay for seeing the best in me even though I failed small time, medium time and big time, countless time now.

Thank you Nanay for being the most contented person I've ever known in my life. For being thankful for whatever is given in your plate, not asking for materials things from us(your children). This made us even more willing to do our best to give back to you which you deserve after all the sacrifices you've done for us.

Thank you Nanay for raising us not only with fear of God but to have a real relationship with the Lord. For diligently bringing us to Sunday schools and Vacation Bible Study when we're still young and for modeling Christian life at home. Your genuine love for God and concern for others lead me to believe that goodness does prevails and God is our rewarder. Your example empower me to make decisions not because we are afraid of you but considering there is One Living God who sees all the things I'm going through, wherever I am.

Thank you Nanay for patiently sewing my school uniforms and dresses when I was young. Now that I have money to buy for my own clothing, I wouldn't trade my simple dresses skillfully made by your diligent hands from those trendy ready-to-wears found in super malls because RTWs were meant to fit anyone, while the dress you sew was especially made for me. As I grow up I learn to take pride in wearing your creations. You are the best fashion designer I've ever had. 

Happy Birthday Nanay! Thank you for sharing your heart not only to your family but for every person God brought to your path. As we celebrate Nanay's 60 years of fruitful existence, we also declare God's faithfulness in her life and to our family.

Nanay with the cute kids - apo's and neighbors.

Nanay with Adults.
It only happens once in every person's lifetime to hit the mark of 60. We hope that in our collaborative effort we were able to make it memorable and special for you not because we are able but because your life and the God who provides are worth celebrating.


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