Perks of Being Single

Have you ever found yourself in isolation because you are still single and most of your friends are getting married. Instead of sulking yourself in the wilderness, there's a wide array of things and activity you can do than feeling miserable. Here's a few:
  1. Play with your cute nieces and nephews
  2. Set your goals and stick to it
  3. Save like crazy
  4. Learn to cook a new recipe. You can also invent your own.
  5. Bring out the popcorn for a movie marathon with your friends
  6. Listen to a TED talk
  7. Grow a plant
  8. Join a marathon. The real marathon this time.
  9. Go to that unplanned trip outside the country
  10. Read a book
  11. Help out in your workplace or community
  12. Travel 
  13. Spend quality time with your family
  14. Write a blog
  15. Attend that impromptu dinner with your friends
  16. Splurge with a new pair of shoes or bag
  17. Learn a new language
  18. Sign up to a new sport training program
  19. Try a new cuisine or restaurant
  20. Meetup with old familiar faces. You'll find cozy feeling to reconnect with good friends.
  21. Visit a new place you've never been to
  22. Invest
  23. Decide on your life's statement or principle
  24. Go on a group date with friends
  25. Volunteer in your church
  26. Explore career opportunities 
  27. Get a new pet
  28. Refurbish your room or your living room
  29. Loose yourself to a dance
  30. Make a bucket list
  31. Mentor someone
  32. Unlearn a bad habit
  33. Write a short story or a novel
  34. Share your talent
  35. Build a good network of friends/people
  36. Create a scrapbook with your sister
  37. Make a music video
  38. Design a shirt
  39. Turn your boring wall into a graffiti art
  40. Celebrate and attend a festival
  41. Invent a new game
  42. Compose a song
  43. Run
  44. Develop a simple but useful mobile application
  45. Donate
  46. Play a new instrument
  47. Learn to drive
  48. Bake
  49. Take note of all your new ideas
  50. Baby sit a friend or neighbour's kid 
If you are not happy being single, do not expect to be happy when you're in a relationship. First, it's not healthy for you. Second, it's not fair to your partner.


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