2013: 50 Reasons to be Thankful!

As a yearly exercise of gratefulness, I am training again my appreciation muscles with this annual post workout of listing 50 reasons I am thankful for from the last year. I have to mention its positive force as it helped me significantly not to focus on the things I do not have, instead to be thankful on what I do have.
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  1. Good health not only for me but more importantly for my family back home in the Philippines
  2. Loving sisters in Christ. Dgroup for me is more than weekly bible study or Sunday lunch out or afternoon coffee time or random dine out/shopping/movie together. Dgroup means being surrounded with beautiful ladies inside and out who loves the Lord and desires each one to grow closer to Jesus our Saviour and Creator. 
  3. Favourable vacation of my folks here in Singapore last August
  4. Meaningful celebration of my birthday at All Saints Home elderly home
  5. LED USB light courtesy of Jasper. Now I can write blogs without disturbing my room mate at the wee of hours (giggles)
  6. Three weeks vacation last holidays at Philippines. Home sweet home! ♥ #itsmorefuninthephilippines
  7. My green cactus plant staying alive on its 6th month this December
  8. Last year's 60++ blog posts. Special thanks to my creative beans and all the random inspirations for all the hard work.
  9. Contract renewal
  10. Opportunity to practice my domestic talent as I learned to cook more recipe this year other than my signature dish chicken adobo. 
  11. Crazy room mate slash friend slash former officemate slash current officemate slash sister in Christ slash buddy in many different sorts. Who did encourage me significantly on my 2nd year here in Singapore. Pablo! You're the best so far! :p
  12. Manny Pacquiao not only for winning the the Pacquiao-Rios boxing match last November but also for uplifting the Filipino people after the Yolanda crisis and his big heart for God
  13. Four birthday cakes this year :)
  14. Change! Let's embrace it!
  15. Learning yoga classic poses this year. Sun salutation and chaturanga will always be a favourite!
  16. Best buy LG 32" LED TV for my mother dear 
  17. New Crocs footwear from the generous heart of Pablo
  18. Automatic washing machine. Made my Saturday laundry chore tolerable
  19. Longchamp bag courtesy of Angela. Truely an angel! My first luxury bag (giggles)
  20. My hands and fingertips which allows me to play with different colours of nail polish
  21. Bum Saturday moments when I don't have any commitments other than with my bed and TV
  22. CCF's Sunday service online streaming technology. convenience + efficience
  23. Tampines Park connector! for being my running buddy
  24. New found love on wearing skirts...
  25. My disappointments and how it turned out to be God appointments
  26. Trees and the refreshing impression it never fails to give me
  27. Technology! How it draws me closer to family and friends
  28. Sprint tasks! At least I feel I am still needed in the QA team
  29. SMRT, for making my daily transportation smooth and easy
  30. New colleagues, friends and people I met this year
  31. Rain! And how it brings back memories of my childhood
  32. Coffee!!! No more explanation needed.
  33. Catching Fire movie! For giving me something to look forward this year in big screen. Super ♥ Katniss Everdeen! #girlpower
  34. Megan Young and Mutya Datul for bringing home the crown for Miss World 2013 and Miss Supranational 2013. You go girls! Mabuhay Philippines!
  35. Slippers, flip plops, flats and the comfort it provides to my feet
  36. Another challenging year in Visa!
  37. Weekends!!! And its power to restore my tired body from the entire work week
  38. Streams in the Desert devotional on its 2nd year. Still never fails to speak to me personally
  39. Corrupt officials, individuals exposed in the Philippines this year
  40. Holidays! 10 public holidays to be exact for Singapore. Relatively lesser compared to Philippine holidays but at least we have something to look forward
  41. Vivid dreams which tells me there's a better world out there
  42. Words and its power to encourage, love, communicate and bridge a thousand miles
  43. Christmas holiday and its magical moment to bond family together. Not to mention the sumptuous foods, festive ambiance, gifts and family reunions.
  44. Got to Believe in Magic teleserye #feelgood #nakakabagets
  45. Yakult. Everyday Okay!
  46. Diversity at work
  47. Marathons. How it excites me to pull off those running shoes and run until the finish line.
  48. Hours of peaceful sleep. Plus the feeling of waking up in the mornings. 
  49. Seeing old familiar faces. So refreshing :)
  50. Grateful heart 


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