Mass Shooting at Connecticut

Another shocking mass shoot-out happened yesterday, December 14, 2012 that killed almost 30 people including 18 children at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut by a mad 20 year-old guy.

Horrifying. I couldn't even think how a person in his right mind could blast bullets to sweet young kindergartens.

Alarming. Now we'll never know, we maybe extremely cautious with our lives, with our loved ones. But here comes some unreasonable person who carelessly takes away that precious life.


Such ungrateful events are difficult to comprehend by our finite minds. Why it has to happen... Why the innocent children... Why my child.. Who should be blamed... What could have been done to control the situation... What should be done moving forward... How should the bereaved families seek justice...

So many questions waiting for answers. Hopeful that getting answers could somehow lessen the pain.

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We may never know what the gunman has been through, his life, his troubles, his thoughts because he buried all the answers together with his death. We never know, but we can definitely do something. More than an issue of morality, this is a family and community issue, where each of us is a part of.

Care about people, because they matter most.

We were all once a child, sometimes a rebellious one who taught that everything is about ourselves, that parents doesn't seem to understand, that siblings are rivalry, that we are alone, that no one seem to care. But thanks to people who did not give up on us - to devoted parents and their nurturing love, to family who makes are there when the world turns it back on us, to siblings who comforts, to friends who listen, to neighbors who share. To all the people who showed that they do care.

Whether we like it or not, we are all connected to one another.

We can make a difference. We can show troubled teenagers that they are special. We can save lives. We can encourage others and show that there's more to life. We can show compassion and utter prayers for the bereaved families. We can share a helping hand.

My sympathy to all the affected families who lost a child, a parent, a loved one. Praying that you would find comfort and strength in this dark hour. As God heals your broken hearts.


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