2012 Life Collage

"Time is God's gift to us. What we do with our time is our gift not only to God but to ourselves."
2012 has been a roller coaster ride of events, people, emotions and dreams. Something I can look back and appreciate its ripple of joy. A brave attempt to confront anxiety and say 'Back off!'. A declaration of God's promises, favor and abounding grace. A reflection of gratitude. A picture of growth and freedom. 
A breath of life. 

A year of beach bumming escapades

Nagsasa Cove, Zambales
San Juan, Batangas
A time for new adventures and tons of #myfirsts

Lazer Tag
My First Curls
Opportunities to give back and serve God only by His grace

CCF NxtGen Kids' Church ministry
New challenges, work and expanding borders

New workplace, new company, new cube, new country
Lots of experimenting and cooking :)

New books. Weee! Oh books from Philippines not yet included :| Would have been great if I can see "The Morning Rush Top 10" Book 1 and 2 in this post too :)

A moment of farewells and till-we-meet-again.

Exist colleagues
Thursday DGroup
Meeting new friends and cultivating old ones.

New Sunday DGroup
(left-right, top-bottom) Exist colleagues, College friends, VISA new colleagues
Answered prayers and fulfilled dreams.

"Then they said to him, “Please inquire of God to learn whether our journey will be successful.” The priest answered them, “Go in peace. Your journey has the Lord’s approval.” --Judges 18:5-6

A time with generous flow of random thoughts and ideas for blogging -- 70+ blog posts for the year. Yey! 

Thank you 2012! Thank you for the good-job-pat-on-the-back boost, fresh adventures, quiet times, surprises, escapades, new acquaintances, even for the awkward moments, frustrations and not-my-day instances you made me go through. Thank you for reminding me that God knew my deepest desire, that He listens to the quiet prayers of my hearts.

Thank you for encouraging me to dream, to push myself harder, to enjoy every stretch of life, to believe in miracles, to run again, to speed up when needed, to stop every once in a while and to invest especially in relationship in all its sort - family, friends, colleagues and for every random person you'll lead my path to. Cheers!


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