That Awkward Moment!

When you are inside the elevator with this cute guy and all you can do is stare at the elevator console waiting for your floor number to lit.

When you eat that piece of cake that is not supposed to be yours.

When a friend abruptly pick up that table napkin, skim it to his face when you knew you used that with your runny nose.

When you are in a car with a colleague trying to figure out how to fill the dead air.

When you speak to a guy in a public utility vehicle, thinking he was your old friend back in high school then realized he was not, now you're talking to a look-alike and a total stranger.

When you check your mobile phone even though you know there is no new message or call just to appear you're doing something.

When you tried to make a small talk with your colleague and the question you ask is the most stupid and obvious question not worth asking.

When it's your first day in the office still waiting for your laptop and all you can do is stare at your cube, stare at your colleague's cube and stare as people pass by your cube.


Bin Smith said…
Is silence really awkward. Some people are comfortable in silence others not so. Some people such as myself are not interested in making small talk. It's not because I can't make small talk, I just don't see the point ;-) I'd rather engage in meaningful discussion and thought. I am also reminded of this advice. "It takes two to make a quarrel, and the one in the wrong usually is the one who does the most talking." So sometimes silence can be positive ;-) Lastly I'd say if you act confidently, no one ever notices awkwardness. Just some random food for thought to start your week. Ingat and God bless. Bin Bin
GiRLie said…
Hi Bin!

I don't intend to imply that silence is a bad thing :) In fact I am also the type of person who don't talk that much, that's why when I try to reach out for others and initiate small talk, I sucked ;)) find myself bad at it, but the intention is there that's when I feel awkward.

Anyways thanks for your honest feedback. Appreciate that!

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