Five Signs That I'm Getting Older

I can't believe I'm writing this post. Every normal adult I know, in one way or another finds every way out not to talk about getting older. I even knew friends who stop counting their age at 28. But in this post, I am embracing the idea of it.

Let me start with the quotation, 
Growing old is compulsory, growing up is optional.
We can never run away from aging, no one is exempted. But we can choose to dance with it gracefully. As I realized this, I find myself writing evidences that I am going through life's wear and tear.

1. As a child I am one step away to throwing a tantrum whenever we go to the mall and my "nanay" or  mom will bring us to the home world section for her to check curtains, bed sheets and kitchen utensils. My young and active mind cannot comprehend why my mom need to spend so much time in this lifeless wing of textiles and fragile items, when we could have been playing or eating at a restaurant. Those are the days... because now I find so much satisfaction finding a good deal of curtains and kitchen appliance.  

2. Before I find it odd to see ladies greet each other by the cheek-to-cheek gesture or "beso-beso" in Tagalog. I have this question in the back of my mind, why does adult does weird things like this when they can just throw one big smile or high five to each other. But now I find myself practicing the same expression whenever I meet my friends, dgroup sisters and previous colleagues ;))

3. Now one of my stress buster activity is going to the supermarket, taking that pull cart, passing through each lanes to complete my grocery list. Then I realized I am just like my mom. Head shakes. Back when I was a grade-schooler, my mom never fails to go to the grocery and bring home our weekly supplies. I even remember her cheerfully filling the cupboard with goods and I would never forget when she said once that seeing our shelves full is enough to make her smile. Now I understand her better.

4. More than anytime in my life, I am more concern of eating vegetables and healthy food nowadays. No to pork, less soda, more fruits. Sign of aging? Bring it!

5. When I was younger, my definition of reunions and birthday parties is buffet and desserts table. Now beyond food and cocktails, I look forward to familiar faces, family, relatives, old friends, colleagues and classmates. I now see people and relationships and learned to appreciate them more than anything. 


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