2012 Philippine Holidays

Have you been planning your 2012 get-aways? Last quarter of 2011 is the best time to start planning about it. First, check 2012 holidays, wait for seat-sales(optional but practical), book your flight and frantically wait for the travel date.

I'm looking forward to a bright 2012 with 6 holidays scheduled on a Monday and Fridays which gives us  6 long-weekend to schedule our trips :D

Enjoy your vacation!

Philippines - 2012

Jan 01, Sun - New Year's Day
Feb 25, Sat - People Power Day ( School Holiday )
Apr 05, Thu - Maundy Thursday ( 5-day long weekend! Apr 5-9 )
Apr 06, Fri - Good Friday
Apr 09, Mon - Day of Valor
May 01, Tue - Labor Day
Jun 12, Tue - Independence Day
Aug 19, Sun - Eid'l Fitr
Aug 21, Tue - Ninoy Aquino Day
Aug 27, Mon - National Heroes' Day ( 3-day long weekend! Aug 25-27 )
Oct 26, Fri - Eidul Adha  ( Possible 3-day long weekend! Oct 26-28 )
Nov 01, Thu - All Saints Day ( Possible 4-day long weekend! Nov 1-4 )
Nov 30, Fri - Bonifacio Day ( 3-day long weekend! Nov 30-Dec 2 )
Dec 25, Tue - Christmas Day
Dec 30, Sun - Rizal Day
Dec 31, Mon - New Year's Eve ( 3-day long weekend! Dec 29-31 )

For more travel date tips check Awesome Planet post.


Anonymous said…
I think you only assume that some of the holidays will be moved on a monday. Like june 12 is a tuesday but you listed it as a monday holiday. Pnoy doesnt have a history of following the holiday of economics of gloria. It think it is dangerous to assume (as well as to let other people assume) that he will..
GiRLie said…
Hi there!

Thanks for pointing that out :) I reviewed and updated the post already.

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