Conquered Corregidor!

Corregidor Island! Sadly but one of the underrated tourist attraction that most of us Filipinos are missing out. Beneath its 500 hectare land lies a rich history of heroism of the Filipino soldiers during the World War II.

Thanks to Sun Cruises for making Corregidor trip accessible and worthwhile. We grabbed their overnight budget tour package of Php2500.00/person inclusive of:
- roundtrip ferry transfers (manila-corregidor-manila);
- shrine, terminal, and entrance fees;
- guided island tour onboard tranvia bus;
- buffet lunch with welcome drink on day 1 and
- overnight accommodation at Corregidor Inn.

December 28, 2009 - we reached CCP Complex Terminal A at 7:15am just in time to check in our luggages. On board MV Sun Cruiser II of Magsaysay shipping company which can hold 285 passengers and runs 28 knots, we departed Manila 8:20 am and reached Corregidor at 9:40 am. Less than an hour and a half trip, Corregidor welcomes us with lush scenery, calm seas and panoramic view.

At the North Dock, awaits tranvia buses that would bring tourist in the different attractions of the island...

We hop on tranvia bus # 9 that carries 26 adults and 6 kids with our bus driver Mang Rolly and the best tourist guide in the island Mang Edward... All set?! Let the tour begin!

During the guided tour 10:00 - 11:20am then resumed 12:20-2:30pm, we experienced these places:

Malinta Tunnel

Filipino War Memorial

Japanese Garden of Peace Park

Grubbs and Battery Hearns

Mile Long Barracks

Pacific War Memorial

Of course the tour will not be complete without seeing Middleside Barracks, Cine Corregidor, Filipino American Memorial Park, Top side Museum, Old Spanish Lighthouse and Geary.

Just like Corregidor which comes from the Spanish word “corregir,” meaning to correct... in this island we realigned our hearts with our Maker while enjoying the wonders of his creation. Oh Corregidor! What a gift to our country!

Finally, I brought home with me a taste of nature, remembrance of Philippine history, blissful memories and an inspiring word from Manuel Quezon's epitaph, "The Filipino is not inferior to any man of any race."

Ooops and lots of pics ;) see?!

Here are more travel tips:
If you're looking for a cheaper way to visit Corregidor, you could take the Sun Cruise trip at Php1000.00(back and forth), here you'll need to pay 150.00 as entrance fee to the island. Instead of the guided tour, you could rent a jeepney at 200.00 for the first 2 hours. For your accommodation, the island has hostel rooms with aircon at 1500.00(good for 4 persons) while the non-aircon rooms are 800.00(good for 4 persons), or you could setup a tent at your own risk ;)

You can also take the Manila-Bataan-Corregidor route via provincial buses going to Bataan. Camaya Point, Bataan offers daily ferry trip to Corregidor starts at 8:30am and returns 3:00pm, for only Php200.00/head or chartered rent of Php3000.00(max 16 persons). For details, contact Tony aka A9 at 0916-4759064.

There is also Baywalk Convenience Store located at the North Dock, where you can buy food. They'll prepare and cook as you order, so don't expect fast food ;)
We ordered tuna omelette with 1 century tuna(45.00) and 2 eggs(20.00 each) plus cooking charge of 30.00; 2 bowls of ginisang munggo(45.00 each) and 3 cups of rice(15.00 each)... total of 230.00 good for 3! not bad huh?! :D


Anonymous said…
very well said...truly had fun with you guys...indeed, corregidor is a must see
Anonymous said…
thanks to your blog, we got the right tips goin to corregidor...
Hi! I enjoyed reading your experience in Corregidor. I like your blog. Keep it up!
GiRLie said…
Thanks cdokay! it's my pleasure =)

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