2010 Faith Goals and Prayer Concerns

1. Deeper relationship with the Lord
- consistent quiet time and bible reading
- become more like Him
- faithfulness in serving God
2. God would help me be bolder in my faith @home and @office
- be brave enough to invite friends and colleagues to bible studies and services
- start monthly gathering with my family as our sharing and bonding moment
- have consistent weekly/twice a month meet-up with my brother to share and mentor him
3. Grow more in our dgroup
- have discipline to attend and study the bible
- be more empathetic, open, approaching and sensible
- love, concern for each sister
- more ladies
4. God's will, God's leading/guidance - career (discernment on my part)
5. Ask direction in my Christian walk
6. Break bondage from sin and temptation - mind's purity
7. Provision, safety and protection for Macau-HK trip this February 2010
8. God's best - lifetime partner

1. Salvation of Tatay, Glaiza and her family, kuya Gary and his family
2. Safe and successful operation of tatay's cist
3. Good health my family esp. nanay and tatay
4. Restore relationship, grow closer to God
5. Gemson's complete healing of his ears

1. Good health, protection, vision for pastors and leaders and their family
2. Church work and missions
3. Provide workers in children's ministry
4. Grow love and encourage one another in the ministry

1. 2010 election
2. God would raise up Godly leaders and someone who truly loves the country
3. Revival on the Filipino youth

It's motivating to know that when we fast and pray, the battle is the Lord's!


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