RoadTrip 09: Batac, Ilocos Norte

Attraction: Marcos Museum and Mausoleum
Location: Batac, Ilocos Norte
Date: April 8, 2008

Right in the heart of Batac City, Ilocos Norte, lays the preserved, waxen corpse of Ferdinand Edralin Marcos in a glass-entombed crypt inside his Mausoleum. With Gregorian chant in the background... Btw, cameras are not allowed inside this area.

Across the mausoleum is a museum that housed some of the memorabilia of late President Marcos, which consists of his photos with Imelda, his military awards, his government-issued plates, his pieces of writings and his work desk and chair. On the 2nd floor of the museum holds the office of his son Bongbong Marcos, who is a current congressman elect.

Adjacent to the museum is the Marcos mansion where the dictator president grew up and the house of Dona Josefa Edralin(his mother) which are both under renovation during our visit.

How to get there?
Few kilometers south from Laoag, turn left in Marcos Avenue also known as Crossing Batac.


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