Ip Man versus 10 Black Belts

IP Man the grand master and greatest influence of Bruce Lee who in turn became a significant icon in martial arts .

Let's have a sneak peak of one of best scenes in the movie I consider very powerful and heart moving. Before this scene, the General kills Sifu Liu, Ip Man's best friend
where he witnessed how his best friend being shot to death after losing in a duel with 3 Japanese fighters and still struggle to pick up the bag of rice he won earlier.

This breaks the heart of Ip Man, so he demands to fight with 10 of the Japanese black belts. After the heart stopping fight - Ip Man won... Ip Man and the General had an intense exchange of words:

General: Come again.
Interpreter: He wants you to come again. (talking to Ip Man)
Ip Man: I did not come here for the rice.
Interpreter: He will come again. (talking to the General)
General: Hey, What is your name?
Interpreter: He wants you to know your name. (talking to Ip Man)
Ip Man: I am only a Chinese man.
Interpreter: He is Ip Man (talking to the General)

If Helen Keller had Anne Sulliven, Bruce Lee got Ip Man... Great movie! Good work Donnie Yen :D


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