My Ankle Journey: Road to Recovery

On the fifth week of my ankle injury, I resolved to see a specialist. Maybe this is me being impatient and out of control of the situation again(I am still a work in progress). Visiting the GP in our neighbourhood, I requested for a referral to a specialist, but instead the doctor gave me the same anti-inflammatory medicines prescribed to me during my first visit which was more than 3 weeks ago only this time longer duration to take the meds. She explained that I need to take the meds first and if it still doesn't work she will give me a steroid shot only after that procedure she can recommend me to go to a specialist. Sigh.

Personally, don't want to take any steroids, I just want to understand what kind of sprain I am dealing with. As far as Google is concerned:
Physical Findings
Recovery Times
Grade l
  • žMild pain, localized swelling, tenderness, stability.
  • žYou can walk but there is limitation when it comes to jogging and jumping.
  • žThe ligament is only stretched out but not torn.
  • žThere is little damage on the fibers.
2 to 4 weeks
Grade 2
  • žYou will feel a pop or tearing sound when the injury occurs.
  • žImmediately or after 3-4 days after the injury, you might bleed or develop a bruise.
  • žThere is also tenderness and swelling.
  • žThere is difficulty in walking and the ligament is torn, making the ankle loose.
6 to 8 weeks
Grade 3
  • žThere is severe pain, tenderness and swelling.
  • žSerious instability and trouble walking.
  • žThe ligament is completely torn and thus you feel your ankle is giving out.
12 weeks to 6 months

God's provision was amazing. As I was sharing my injury to my dgroup ladies and asked if they have recommended Orthopaedic doctor and Physiotherapist, it happened to be that one of the lady in our dgroup, Marie have a physiotherapist sister who gave me tips how to rehab my ankle. Also Clarise, another dgroup lady works in Tan Tok Seng Hospital and gave me the direct hotline of their Sports Clinic. After calling TTH I was able to secure an appointment the following day. Praise God for his provision! I appreciate the doctor who look after my ankle that day, Dr. Jason Chia specialising in Sports Medicine. He did some tests very specific to my injury like measuring the angles of my ankle - dorsiflexion and plantarflexion and finally did ultrasound to check the soft tissues involving ligaments or tendons.

Dr. Chia then gave a diagnosis that I had 3rd degree sprain on my right anterio talofibular(ATF) ligament. Third degree which translates to complete tear of the ATF ligament. Sigh. He then recommended me to see a Physiotherapist in TTH to help me in rehabilitating my right ankle.

After 5 days, I got to secure an appointment with the Physiotherapist in TTH as well. The doctor taught me six ankle exercises I can do at home to strengthen my ankle. Exercises like glute bridge(both legs and single leg), balancing with single foot(open and closed eyes), ankle stretching and inversion/eversion exercise using medium pilates band.

It's still a long way to go but at least I am on the right track to recovery. By the grace of God, I will bounce back stronger and with a deeper understanding that our strength and health comes from God alone. His grace will sustain and see us through no matter what injury in life we face.


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