Genesis of My Zero Waste Lifestyle

While attempting to live a zero waste lifestyle may sound intimidating and huge, there are baby steps we can apply in our daily routines that seems simple but when observed cumulatively and steadily can make a tremendous effect to Mother Earth 🌏 and to our future generation.

1. Say no to plastics and disposables. Plastic straw, plastic bags, single-use utensils, styrofoam and anything that comes with plastic packaging. Bought Korken glass jar with lid for 2.90sgd and FÖrtrolig glass container for 5.90sgd from Ikea.

Glass food containers from Ikea
2. Prefer dine-in or "having here" instead of takeaways and delivery, as both the later comes with packaging.

3. Bring your own water bottle, preferably stainless or glass instead of plastic bottled water. Got mine BPA free, insulated stainless steel Thermalock Matterhorn from Contigo - versatile for hot and cold beverage. I am not being paid for this advertisement 😜find the perfect water bottle for your daily needs.

4. Buy unpackaged produce - vegetables and fruits in local markets or supermarkets. My first attempt to do this was in Shengsiong Market and realised that it is possible.

5. Choose glass or stainless kitchen wares over plastic wares.

6. Bring your own eco-friendly grocery bags instead of using grocery plastic bags

7. Pack your own lunch in reusable lunch boxes.

8. Prefer buying in bulk instead of individually packed items.

9. Bring your own reusable coffee cup.

10. Opt for electronic mails(like monthly billing statements, bank statements) than traditional post mails.

Zero waste does not happen overnight but it can start from a moral awareness of our consumption and waste management, to choose to live simple, green and being intentional in reducing our environment footprints.

You and I, together we can make a difference!


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