Bea Johnson on Zero Waste

This TED talk video is mind blowing and life changing. No new invention, no contemporary idea, no major Science breakthrough but purely simple concepts accompanied with mindfulness to our environment.

Bea highlights five rules of Zero Waste Lifestyle:

1. Refuse what you do not need.
    Say "No" to single-use plastics.
    Say "No" to junk mails.
    Say "No" to freebies.

2. Reduce what you do need.

3. Reuse.
    Swap disposables with reusable alternatives.
    Include shopping with reusables.
    Buy second hand.

4. Recycle.
    Recycle only what you cannot refuse, reduce or reuse.
    Recycle less.
    Avoid plastics at all cost.

5. Rot.
    Compose the rest.

Less consumption, more life!
A life based on experiences instead of things.
A life based on being instead of having.


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