Movie: Justice League

Although this is a superhero-fantasy-action movie, it doesn't hurt to incorporate those funny exchange of dialogues between the characters. This made the movie light to digest and refreshing to watch other than bloody fight scenes, explosions and stunts.
Barry Allen: What are your superpowers again? 
Bruce Wayne: I'm rich. 
Clark Kent: How did you get the house from the bank? 
Bruce Wayne: I bought the bank. All of it.
Bruce Wayne: [from trailer] I'm putting together a team of people with special abilities. See, I believe enemies are coming...
Barry Allen: Stop right there. I'm in.
Bruce Wayne: You are? Just like that?
Barry Allen: Yeah, I... I need... friends.
Bruce Wayne: Agreed.
Barry Allen: [holds up batarang] Can I keep this?
Commissioner Gordon: How many of you are there?
Bruce Wayne: Not enough.
Commissioner Gordon: Do you really think that…
[he turns around to see only Barry standing behind him, the others have disappeared]
Barry Allen: Oh, wow, they just, they really just vanished. Huh? Oh. That’s rude.
That moment when you are not even sure why you do, what you do or what you are already doing for the longest time in your life. When insecurities devours you, because you know you are not great enough. The truth is you don't have to be great all the time. You can't save everyone anyways. So choose one battle, give your whole heart fighting for it and who knows this might lead you a greater purpose.
The Flash: It's really cool you guys seem ready to do battle and stuff, but I've never done battle. I've just pushed some people and run away! 
Batman: Save one. 
The Flash: What? 
Batman: Save one person. 
The Flash: And then? 
Batman: Then you'll know.
And of course superhero movies will not be complete without those famous-quotable quotes unleashing the heroic spirit within each one. Re-kindling your sense of responsibility, empathy for others, quest for justice and enlarging your perspective.
Lois Lane: There are heroes among us. Not to make us feel smaller, but to remind us of what makes us great.  
Superman: Well I believe in truth... but I'm also a big fan of justice. 
Image courtesy of We Live Entertainment
Black Clad Alpha: I don't believe it. What are you? 
Wonder Woman: A believer.
To believe or not to believe is a decision you and I have to make one day. Not to believe does not necessarily mean not making a decision, that is the choice you made. A believer is someone who stands up on something he/she believes to be true. Placing your faith on that one thing that you trust is fundamental. Your beliefs in life molds you - how you think, how you behave, how you respond and how you process the circumstances you are in.

I too am a believer, a believer of just and one true God through Christ Jesus who died on the cross for my sins two thousand years ago. That He will return again one day to judge all humanity and whoever believes in Him shall have eternal life with Him in heaven.

What do you believe in?


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