Labrador Nature Reserve

After staying for more than five years in Singapore, I realised there is so much more to see in this almost 720 sq. km land area of Singapore. And every time there is a friend visiting, I am stretched to be more creative in finding new spots to explore and enjoy not only by my tourist friend but me also. #notatourist

The Smart Local brought me to Labrador Nature Reserve, an instagram-worthy trail walk that combines nature and history. 
Labrador Nature Reserve is an oasis of tranquility and natural wonders. The park offers a picturesque view of the sea. A path built on the edge of the secondary forest provides a prime view of the cliff side vegetation coupled with a panoramic view of the sea. It is not uncommon to hear songs of a variety of bird species, including the Oriental Magpie-robin and Black-naped Oriole. While you are taking a leisurely stroll along one of the nature trails, you can spot squirrels scurrying up trees.
From Labrador Park MRT station, exit A we started our leisure walk from the Berlayer Boardwalk Creek, approximately 960meter walk which extends out into the sea. Here we are welcomed by mangroves, coastal forest, different species of birds, monitor lizards and squirrels in a cloudy Saturday afternoon. 


Wikipedia accounts that,

Labrador Nature Reserve is the site where many historical relics and natural artifacts are located in Singapore, most of which date from the Second World War and earlier periods of time, much of which were left behind mainly by the former British colonial legacy on the island. This is due to the fact that the area has a long history dating way back to the 19th century and its playing of a significant role in the history of the city-state.

The entire nature reserve, together with the current park, used to be known as Pasir Panjang Beach, which in Malay means "Long Beach". The area used to be where a long strip of coastal land was at high tide and a rocky beach was at low tide before land reclamation took place and formed the seawall and the modern park seen today.

There was an old British military base (a fort), referred to as Fort Pasir Panjang, located on the top of the hill and above the cliff in front of the sea (the fort was first constructed as early as the 1890s). The cliff’s high vantage-point led the British government to identify it as a strategic defence site to protect the entrance to Keppel Harbour in the southern part of mainland Singapore as well as Singapore's southwestern coastline (near Pulau Blakang Mati (present-day Sentosa)). It became one of nine major sites where the British military had set up their gun batteries and is a crucial part of the entire British defence system for Singapore.

Overall Labrador Nature Reserve is a wildlife haven tucked in the souther most part of a bustling city of Singapore, tranquil and scenic place to explore and definitely worth to visit. A green spot in this little red dot city.


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