CCF Singapore Retreat 2017

T'was a meaningful long weekend spent with more than 250 brethren from CCF Singapore during the annual retreat at Sands & Sandals Resort & Spa, Desaru Malaysia from August 31 to September 2. This retreat became extra special because I get to spend it with some of my single ladies discipleship group. \o/

The three day, two nights retreat revolves around the topic "Radical Love Begins at Home" which is relevant and significant. The event was graced by Edric and Joy Mendoza as speakers together with their five adorable and behaved children. Edric is an education entrepreneur who champions Home Education across various organisations, and personal finance education through keynote messages. He is also the host of "On the Money", a TV show in the Philippines. Edric and his wife, Joy, conduct training, mentoring and counselling families in the area of marriage, parenting and money stewardship through Christ Commission Fellowship (CCF).

Drone shot. Look up guys!

BOG 18 - Karl, Alfa, baby Caleb, Patric, Zipp, Me, Ate Ethel, Kuya Mark, Kris
Sessions and learnings include the following five compelling topics where participants are organised into breakout groups (usually 7 to 8 each BOG) to reflect and discuss each topic.

Open Up 
With everyone hooked on social media, there is a tendency to spend more time in the virtual world. Avoid being so near yet so far by opening up and communicating with those that really matter.

Mold Character
Today's culture has a strong influence on the values and priorities of families. Regardless of the direction of the prevailing culture, it is important to let the Lord mold our character so we can become more like Christ.

Have Fun
Work-life balance seems to be unattainable because parents are out working while children are busy with their own lives. Remember the seventh day? Even the Lord rested. Lighten up and have fun.

Embrace your Role
Who should be followed in the household? What does being supportive or obedient really mean? Avoid confusion and conflict by embracing the role God has designed especially for you.

Steward Well 
Mindsets of entitlement and instant gratification may lead to heavy financial stress. We must be good stewards of the resources God entrusts to us; after all, everything belongs to Him.

Discipleship Group. Me, Kaye, Marie and Belle
On the morning of second day, we woke up six in the morning to anticipate the dawn watch through praise and worship and most importantly spending time with God beside the breathtaking view of the pristine beach. In the afternoon there is a group activity where participants are assembled into four team color - Red for Love, Blue for Obedience, Green for Volunteer and Yellow for Evangelise. Teams participated in friendly competition of group cheer, hoola hoops relay, sack relay, ball+cups relay and group dodgeball.

Water Baptism
Bonfire. Praise and worship night
Finally on the third and last day, twelve brethren from all ages and walks of life heed the call of publicly declaring their faith and commitment to Jesus Christ through water baptism. Yey! What a celebration!


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