Australia: Biking Rottnest Island

This getaway is a perfect escape to soft white-sand beach, glorious marine life, panoramic views, safari of wild animals and tranquil ambiance. Rottnest island is located 11 miles west of Perth, Australia facing the Indian Ocean.

We booked our day tour ferry tickets via Rottnest Express which have three accessible departure points -- B-Shed Fremantle, Northporth and Barrack St., Perth. We reached B-Shed Fremantle around 9AM for our 9:30AM boarding time via Rottnest ferrry and travelled 45 minutes.

We docked at the Rottnest arrival port at around 10:15AM and we are welcomed with radiant weather, crisp air and thin, wispy strands of clouds. We have to find the bike rental and explore a little bit of the port area to know where we can find things we need.

There is so much activity you can do in Rottnest Island Reserve so prepare yourself for fun and adventure. You can bike your heart out to tour this amazing island, until your legs hurt. But trust me its going to be worth it. There are three suggested bike routes in varying distances - 4km, 10km and 22km.  We did the second route which allowed us to sightsee almost half the island mostly the eastern part of it. The route was a bit tiring because of the uphill, downhill slopes but altogether it was an exciting adventure.

Don't forget to kiss the sun and savour the fresh air.

You also get to meet new friends in the wild who will amuse and entertain you for free. Remember not to feed them 😂😜 as you are not doing them any better if you do that.

You can also find two mighty lighthouse within the island. The Wadjemup lighthouse standing tall and strong in a mountain top and the Bathurst lighthouse lying beside the sea shore watching the bay.


The landscape views were breathtaking and spectacular. See the fine line where the light blue skies meets the aqua sea and the waves touches the sand. It tells me, we have an amazing Creator.

Aside from biking tourists can do swimming in some of the best beach bay locations around the island, have a closer encounter with marine life by snorkeling and diving, be refreshed as you surf your mind through the waves, enjoy whale watching, bring out your fishing rods to catch some seafood, hop in various shops for unique souvenirs, experience dinner or lunch by the sea with different cafe and restaurants options or simply grab any spot in the island to appreciate the view and people.

Oops did I mention doing pictorials in different spots and sides of Rottnest is also a great way to capture the best angles of this peninsula. Even the most rigid rocks by the beach can give your photo a different tone and emotion. With so many incredible backdrops, you will surely run out of poses. Remember to be creative and always have fun. Jump shots for sure. 😎😜


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