Australia: Seven Lessons I Learned in Sky Diving

Beyond bucketlist moment! My tandem skydive experience in Rockingham, Australia was a head-to-head encounter with my fear and "what if's." What if I play safe and don't jump? What if the parachute will not open? What if we encounter a malfunction in equipment? What if I pass out? Nevertheless braving the fear of what-if-and-what-could-have-been was one of the most liberating decisions I made this year. So far.

I didn't just experience jumping off from the plane 14000 feet above the ground, skydiving allowed me to soar high. Making this experience a blog-worthy adventure.

"Removing your self-imposed limitation will allow you to SOAR" --Anonymous

Aerial view from the plane

Other side aerial view from the plane
Let me take you through the seven wonders of lessons I gain as I take the leap of faith and muster the courage I never knew I had to plunge into this unchartered but magnificent piece of heaven.

1. There is so much potential beyond your fear 
Will Smith once said "God has placed the best things in life on the other side of terror." when sharing his tandem skydive experience in Dubai this year. You will never know what lies on the other side of it unless you try.
Others may refute that we were reckless for attempting this crazy sport and putting our lives at risk, which could be partly true. In comparison, there are people who choose the extremes trying to feel alive, then there are those who choose to safely live. For the most part, the former could be the ones who truly lived fully. Reality is, if its your time to die, it's your time! Whether you are sleeping at your room or you are at the safest place you think you could be.

"Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience." --Paulo Coelho

2. We have an amazing Creator
The vivid mosaic colours of the land that meets the gentle, crystal blue ocean panning through the radiant horizon of sky was indescribable. The sixty seconds free fall from the plane was the most defining moment I had in my life(so far) plus having to witness the grandeur aerial view of the earth was a moment of joy and disbelief. Just like how amazing His creation was, our God has given us all these resources to cultivate and enjoy.  

3. You are not alone
Anything terrifying becomes more tolerable if you have someone with you. I am blessed to have friends who were just as crazy as me to jump off from the plane. Ladies who are brave enough to dive beyond the safe and comfort zone to experience the adventure of a lifetime. You also get to meet fearless, professional skydivers who are living the life of their dream. Combining passion and career, and don't worry because safety is their calling, they will make sure you have a safe and unforgettable skydive experience.

Excited jumpers! Belle, Me, Michelle, Grace and Angela

Inside the plane with my tandem jumper "Leo" aka Vin Diesel(look-alike)
4. Be in the moment
Savour that heart-stopping moment of 60 seconds free fall and 300 seconds of gliding through the air. Shout out loud if you have to, to release all your adrenaline and energy. But never close your eyes, because what's in front you is a breathtaking all-encompassing aerial view reserved only for courageous people like you. So go all the way and enjoy the moment.

Enjoying the view. Muni-muni ;)) Should I jump or not?
There goes Angela! :D I am next!

I am flying! Unbelievable

Don't forget to look at the camera and show your big smile! :)

Me navigating the parachute guided by Leo.
5. How small I am incomparable to earth's immensity
While there are moments I think highly of myself, how significant I am, how better I am compared to others. Being up in the air for a glimpse of time humbled me. I saw how massive and limitless the world is and how I am just a speck compared to the immense body of water and the land area. This skydive experience taught me to appreciate and respect the greatness of world we live in.

That in the enormity of earth I could literally be overlooked. But I also realised that the God who created everything that we see took notice of me, loved me and accepted me in His family as His daughter. I felt loved and special.

"What is mankind that you are mindful of them, human beings that you care for them." -- Psalm 8:4

6. How you finished is as important as how you started
Jumping is one thing, landing is a different story. My tandem jumper have immense professional experience in skydiving of ten years and I was impressed how we managed to land safely, gracefully and standing strong in his two feet. Of course I have to do my part as per his instructions to raise both my feet during landing. In everything that you want to accomplish, don't just start strong, finish it well.

"Have enough courage to start and enough heart to finish." --Jessica Yourko

7. Trust 
Skydiving is an exercise of trust. Trust your pilot. Trust your tandem jumper. Trust the parachute. Trust that the straps and buckles are intact. Trust that the parachute will open. Trust yourself that you will make it through the landing point. Most importantly trust in the Lord for protection and that this experience will be a blissful one.

But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint. --Isaiah 40:31

Free fall
You too can fly! But first you have to jump from your comfort zone, only then you can glide through the air and defy gravity!

If you're interested you may visit their website and experience this thrilling adventure at Sky Dive Australia.


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