Australia: Sandboarding at Lancelin Sand Dunes

After visiting The Pinnacles first thing today, we travelled 80 km going to Lancelin and it took us less than an hour road trip drive. Twa's past noon when we reach this premiere spot for sand boarding, quad biking or 4 wheel driving in fine and pure white as snow mountains of powdered sand. This scenery reminds me of the 4x4 sand dune ride in our Desert Safari adventure in Dubai last year only with sand as white as the clouds.

Lancelin is a small fishing and tourist town located 127km north of Perth, Western Australia. Entry to the sand dunes is free and open 24 hours a day, but you have to rent your sand board in a nearby Surf Store for $10AUD per hour including $50AUD deposit which is refundable once you return the board. Most stores closes at 4PM so you have to be back before closing time, but if you went there with your own sandboard then this shouldn't be a problem. Make sure to check the foot placement of the sand board, we requested for the strap to be adjusted as most of us are right handed and comfortable standing facing to the left. 

We have to park the Hyundai Jazz few blocks away from the Lancelin entrance and walk our way to the sand dunes as we got warning from friends that there are cars getting stuck out of sand. 


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