Basic Korean I Learned from Watching Korean Drama

After marathon-ing the episodes of my latest Korean drama craze for the last three days - Legend of the Blue Sea(LotBS) and Descendants of the Sun(DotS) my Korean vocabulary is slowly progressing. Huh trying to make my CNY long weekend holidays fruitful.

Frequently hearing below words and phrases in these drama series, I'm starting to develop fondness over Korean language. Here are some of the Korean expressions, Korean drama taught me this week:

ne/neh.  Yes
ah-nee-oh.  No 
kam-sah-ham-ni-da.  Formal way of saying Thank you
gomawoyo.  Casual way of saying Thank you
ahn-nyong - Hi / Hello / Bye
ahn-nyong-ha-se-yo.  Hi / Hello / Good morning
jal-jinaeyo.  How are you?
jal-jinae gomawoyo.  I'm fine, thank you.
Araso/Arasoyo.  I understand
Choayo.  Okay 
Kwenchana.  It's Okay 
Kyeo.  Is that so? or Really?
Eottoke.  How? or What to do?
Molla.  Don't know
Un-nie. Female calls older sister
Appa / Abeoji. Father
Eomma / Eomeoni. Mother
Saranghe. I love you


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